It is always a hurdle for all the mothers to make their child to sleep proper. Sometimes we have mothers getting irritated, stressed And worried about sleep which results in some Other medical conditions in future. It is very Hard to orient your baby to your timing but it is Not an impossible task. Every one of my babies was unique; likes and dislikes, personalities and even their little attitudes and facial expressions were all so different. Their most differentiating quality though? Their sleeping habits.

Most of the mothers are not aware or been heard about how to this tiny child to sleep during the night, not the day and how to go back to sleep after feeding. During Pregnancy, I would like to practice “Eat, Activity, Sleep, You Time” rhythm. As the newborn babies are so highly unpredictable and it might even be overwhelming to a new mom, to try to introduce a concrete routine to someone so little. However, following this loose rhythm and being in tune with the baby’s cues was super helpful when it came to structuring our day and preventing an overtired newborn.

All you need to do is???

EAT – Normally babies eat more often in the first few months. This is the only process which keeps them healthy and growing. Eating = growing and we want them to do as much growing as they can!

ACTIVITY – Be engaging with the baby, as our normal day to day activities after our breakfast newborn will also expect you to communicate, interact, engage which makes them tired and send them to their next nap.

SLEEP – Do not force your baby to sleep, it should come on its own. If you follow the above-mentioned interaction and communication that will naturally and gradually tend your baby to sleep which is healthier. Normally what happens when a new mom got tired, get hold of the baby and making them sleep which is not the right way to execute it

YOUR TIME – It is also vital to take care of the Mom and execute and engage in their own day to day activities which includes doing their hobbies, preparing food, cleaning house etc. This will boost your mental and physical happiness.

How EASY will Work???

This method helps new moms and dads who are desperate to understand the needs and cues of their infants. By adapting the EASY technique, the baby will be feeling healthier physically by eating regularly and mentally by spending more time with the parents communicating, interacting with their child.

It is very vital for the parents to watch, understand and adapt the child’s cues (Unique and specific) regarding feeding, sleepiness and even likes and dislikes, since their “schedule” literally depends on them. Recognizing cues will allow parents to put their baby to bed before they become too overtired and refuse to sleep or become too cranky to do so. Further, cues also help parents begin the process of putting infants in bed partially awake, so they learn to soothe and put themselves to sleep.

Remember, newborns sleep 14-17 hours per day!! This means it is not likely one can implement the EASY method until closer to two or three months when their infant’s awake time during the day progresses to something closer to distinguishable. Those first few weeks should simply focus on teaching a baby the difference between night and day and getting as much rest for both mom and baby as possible. Night and day differentiating can be done by introducing light and noise in the waking hours and then darkening the rooms and volume of the house.
Sleep is a focal point during the first few months of infancy and new parents often struggle to understand their newborn’s unique needs. Hopefully, using the knowledge of the EASY method and the sleep needs of an infant will make newborn life postpartum less stressful and more enjoyable!

Good Day
Dr.Sowmya NS