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Pregnancy During COVID


Pregnancy is always associated with a number of doubts and myths. As it is all about giving birth, there are various sorts of tensions in the pregnant woman not only about the health of the baby but also about her own health. Now with the Covid-19 pandemic, the tensions and fears are on the rise. The same also continues with the COVID vaccination. Fake news against vaccination for pregnant women which is spreading on social media, creates fear among the pregnant women? Is there any valid reason for these fears? Let's look. Pregnancy & Chances of Catching Covid-19 Studies prove that

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Covid-19 & New Born


The World Health Organisation quotes “We still do not know if a pregnant woman with COVID-19 can pass the virus to her fetus or baby during pregnancy or delivery. To date, the virus has not been found in samples of amniotic fluid or breastmilk.” As Coronavirus continues to spread, we are exploring and learning more about the virus and the ways to protect ourselves from it – from following social distancing to washing hands well and often and wearing masks in public. While these are the safety measures for adults, parents might wonder how they can protect their babies and toddlers.

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Female infertility Myths & facts


“And so it was.. That she having waited long & endured patiently, realized & obtained..WHAT GOD HAD PROMISED” - Hebrews 6:15   Getting pregnant and carrying a pregnancy to term are actually very complicated processes.Many things can go wrong during these processes to lead to infertility. What is female infertility?Female infertility refers to infertility in female humans. Infertility is defined as trying to get pregnant (with frequent intercourse) for at least a year with no success. What causes female infertility? Tubal factor: Any injury to the fallopian tube can cause    infertility. Fallopian tube is a structure that carries eggs from ovary

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“Breastfeeding is not always easy.. But it is always worth it..“


"Breast feeding is a mother's gift to herself,and the earth." -Pamela.K.Wiggins Many medical experts, including the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecologists, strongly recommend breast feeding exclusively for 6 months. Breast milk provide the ideal nutrition for infants. Moreover its everything your baby needs to grow. It contains antibodies, lowers your babiesrisk of having asthma or allergies. Moreover the physical closeness skin to skin touching and eye contact helps to cherish the mother baby bond and the baby feel secure in mom’s presence. One of the major concerns among the new moms

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“Being a New Mom Comes with a Multitude of Perturbations Mainly About Breastfeeding “


Mastitis is a condition that predominates during the puerperium. In other words it is the painful inflammation of the breast tissue, begins exclusively during the first 3 weeks of nursing. Mastitis with infection may be lactational (puerperal) or non- lactational (e.g., duct ectasia). Causes of non-infectious mastitis include idiopathic granulomatous inflammation and other inflammatory conditions. Non-lactational mastitis is a breast inflammatory condition in non-breastfeeding women. The two major entities of non-lactational mastitis are periductal mastitis and idiopathic granulomatous mastitis and both of them primarily affect young women. Non-infectious mastitis:This type of mastitis is usually caused by

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Manage an E.A.S.Y Sleep For Your Newborn


It is always a hurdle for all the mothers to make their child to sleep proper. Sometimes we have mothers getting irritated, stressed And worried about sleep which results in some Other medical conditions in future. It is very Hard to orient your baby to your timing but it is Not an impossible task. Every one of my babies was unique; likes and dislikes, personalities and even their little attitudes and facial expressions were all so different. Their most differentiating quality though? Their sleeping habits. Most of the mothers are not aware or been heard about how to

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Breastfeeding: “Priceless Feast for Your Child”


"Something as simple as better breastfeeding could save a million children a year.” -Anne M Mulcahy Undoubtedly, we can say that the breastmilk is baby’s perfect first food and feast that every mother can serve first for their child. Every mother has their own unique milk composition which their infant needs and that makes the perfect bond between you and your child. A gift from the heaven. It is such a dynamic food source!  It’s full of antibodies to help protect baby against infection.  It’s also made up of anti-parasites, anti-allergies, and anti-viruses to protect and start to

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